In our t will talk about more reasons what you should sign up for one of our yoga classes. So here are three more health benefits that come with practicing yoga:

Hangover Relief

You heard us right. Yoga is a great way to get relief from a hangover. Yoga helps your system detox and some poses help boost your metabolism. Both of these help to get rid of a hangover. It also helps your blood flow to your brain.

Heart Disease

Because yoga is a form of exercise that is not to hard on the body, it is also a great way to help with heart health. Studies have shown that yoga has a huge role in reducing the risk of heart disease. It can also help lower arterial plaque. In a study with 19 people who have heart failure, 9 of them did eight weeks of yoga and they all enhanced the overall quality of their life. We think that is pretty awesome.

Asthma Ease

In yoga, one of the things that they teach you is how to breathe properly to achieve the best outcome. When someone with asthma is  practicing pranayama, it can dramatically improve their asthma symptoms. A study of 57 adults with asthma showed reduced asthma symptoms after they had added yoga into their care routines. That is huge!

There are so many great reasons for you to want to join yoga. When you are ready to join us, call Yoga Den!