Class Descriptions

At Yoga Den, we offer a variety of class styles and traditions. Whether you are new to yoga, or a seasoned practitioner, prefer non-heated classes or love the heat, we have it all! Scroll down to check out our class offerings, and then come roll out your mat!

Signature Class: Mind Body Yoga – Best class for your first experience.

Our Mind Body classes are rooted in the Kripalu tradition.  Mindful warm-ups begin this thorough practice, which encompasses standing, prone, seated and supine postures.  Static in nature, meaning you’re not getting up and down off of the floor, this methodology allows students ample time to explore safe alignment, breath awareness, deep stretching and stress relief, while also strengthening the body. Modifications are offered for different levels of strength and flexibility, and permission language is given to encourage students to listen to their own bodies, rest when they like, and embrace individual needs.  The studios are warmed only enough to offer a safe and comfortable stretch.
Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*

Signature Class:  Sun Power Yoga

Our Sun Power classes are high energy, high sweat Vinyasa classes with both dynamic flows and held postures. Rooted in Ashtanga, as all Vinyasa or Power classes are, the difference is postures are not always in the same order, music is played during class, and postures not found in the Primary series may be called for practice. It’s an eclectic blend of traditional and post-traditional perspectives, where each teacher puts their own creative spin into sequencing and play-lists. This class will stretch, strengthen and detox the entire body.
Room Temperature: Heated class, avg 90*

Signature Class: Sun Power Bhakti

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of Devotion and Connection (8th limb), and was traditionally practiced with sound (Om).  Here, Bhakti meets Sun Power Vinyasa;  a heated class with both dynamic flows as well as static/held shapes (3rd limb), all practiced to a mindful breath rhythm evenly paced to stimulate the PNS, parasympathetic nervous system. This encourages students to focus on deep pranayama (4th limb, breath control) and internal focus with concentration (limbs 5 and 6).  Yoga teaches us that this is the path to the meditative mind-state(7th limb).  As we coordinate breath and movement, first holding and then flowing through sequences designed to stimulate both the physical and energy bodies, we begin to understand moving meditation and appreciate the true meaning and benefit of Vinyasa yoga from an 8-limbed perspective.

Room Temperature: Heated class, avg 90*

Yogalates/Yoga Sculpt/Yoga Den Strong

These East meets West Fusion classes combine Power Yoga, Mat Pilates and/or isometric repetitive movements, all designed to build core and body strength.
Room Temperature: Heated class, avg 90*

Sun Power Flow

This high energy class offers more Flow (less static holding) than Sun Power Yoga. Similar to Bhakti Power, static sequences may be repeated vinyasa-style with appropriate breath cues, however unlike Bhakti Power, precise and even rhythmic breath cues are not necessarily offered or encouraged, as this is more of a free-style flow class, less “hooey” some might say;-)
Room Temperature: Heated class, avg 90*

Hot Flow Yin/Vin Yin

An energetic and mindful vinyasa flow to warm the body and build strength, followed by grounding shapes held for 2 to 5 minutes in order to release the fascia and connective tissue surrounding targeted muscle groups.  Vin Yin is the same class but without heat.

HFY-Room Temperature: Heated class, avg 90*, VY-Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*

Ashtanga/8 Limb Flow

This powerful, traditional “Primary Series” practice is a specific sequence of postures (asanas) linking breath (pranayama) and movement (vinyasa.) Ashtanga is an athletic and intelligently designed sequence combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice, where each shape opens you up for the next. 8 Limb Flow is an introduction into the half primary series, making it more accessible to students wanting to explore the roots of the practice.

Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*

Mixed Level
Open to yogi’s of every level, this class offers both modifications as well as options to intensify postures. This class is perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge of yoga and who are looking for something a little more challenging than our Mind/Body classes.   
Room Temperature: Gently heated class, avg 80

Yin Yoga/Yin and Nidra
This class is designed to deeply stretch the connective tissue around the joints.  A floor based practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated, prone and supine poses typically held for 2 to 4 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. Props are offered for both modifications and depth. Yoga Nidra, or Yoga Sleep, is a guided meditation offered at the end of some of the Yin classes.
Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*

Restorative Yoga/Restorative and Nidra
Restorative yoga is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching with the aid of props, to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation . During the longer holds of these floor-based postures, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply, because props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your body. Yoga Nidra, or Yoga Sleep, is a guided meditation offered at the end of some of the Restorative classes.
Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*

Yin/Restorative Yoga
Yogi’s choice. Are you looking for more Yin or more Restorative? From the outside looking in the shapes will look the same, but how deep you go in the stretch is all up to you. (This philosophy applies to ALL Yin and Restorative classes, you can always go more Yin in Restorative and more Restorative in Yin;-)
Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*

Chair Yoga
This class is for students looking for a relaxing stretch with a focus on deep breathing, while using the chair as a prop. Great for all ages…seniors who want the stability of the chair and the ease of not having to move to the floor, office workers wanting to learn how to do some yoga in their chair throughout the work day, and those simply wanting to stretch, breathe and relax!
Room Temperature: Non-heated class, avg 78*