Halloween is behind us which means the long rush toward the winter holidays has begun!

Soon your Facebook feed will be full of people announcing their plans and recipes for Thanksgiving, and a few excitable folks who will already be counting down the days until Christmas and Hanukkah.

Although there are many things about the holidays that fill us with joy and nostalgia, it’s very easy to get stressed out during this time of year. There’s social pressure to attend parties, pressure to get your kids ready for their holiday concerts and theatrical productions, and then of course, the big dinner with the relatives to plan!

This holiday season, the Yoga Den in Jacksonville invites you to take a little time for yourself by attending our restorative yoga classes. Armed with some yoga fitness lessons, you’ll not only be able to ward off holiday stress, you’ll also be able to prevent all that holiday snacking from adding a little girth to your waistline!

Keep reading to discover some yoga-based tips for having less stress in your holiday season, then contact the Yoga Den in Jacksonville to sign up for classes today!

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Why Do We Get Stressed Around The Holidays?


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How Restorative Yoga Classes Can Help With Holiday Stress

Yoga classes force us to slow down, clear our minds, and focus on the signals our body is sending to us. Restorative yoga is less about fitness than other types of yoga, instead providing a time for us to rest and center ourselves, free from distractions.

During a restorative yoga class, the instructor may encourage you to assume Viptarita Karani or Legs-Up-The-Wall pose. Getting your feet above your heart can reduce pressure in the legs, improving circulation and decreasing swelling.

Another pose you might enjoy during a restorative yoga class is Soft Supta Baddha Konasana or Reclining Bound Angle Pose. Lying on a floor in such a way that your legs, neck, and back are all fully supported can be incredibly relaxing for those suffering from holiday stress.

Ready to give yourself the gift of relaxation? Sign up for yoga classes at The Yoga Den in Jacksonville today!