Yoga Den Southside Class Descriptions

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Prenatal Yoga

This 75 minute prenatal yoga class will help you to prepare your mind and body for birth and the recovery journey ahead. You will both strengthen and release as you get in tune with your core and pelvic floor. This class includes evidenced-based suggestions for labor such as: positioning, breathing styles, and mindfulness. These guided movements and postures can be practiced through all trimesters and used for comfort measures during labor. 

Wear comfy clothes and stay hydrated during class. Please bring a yoga ball if you have one.  If not, we have extras! It is recommended that you consult your prenatal provider prior to participating.

Mind Body

A Yoga Den Original Mind Body yoga is an all levels class based on the Kripalu tradition, perfect for beginners and accessible to anyone not needing adaptive (chair) yoga. Grounding and static in nature, this practice provides ample time to explore safe alignment in each posture, providing a deep stretch while maintaining an awareness of breath. Modifications and variations are offered for different levels of strength, flexibility, and desired energetic output. Permission language is given throughout, to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Room Temperature averages 78 degrees to facilitate deeper, safer stretching.

Sun Power

A Yoga Den Original Sun Power yoga is an athletic practice that begins with Sun Salutations and is followed by held postures mindfully sequenced to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. Pulling from an eclectic blend of lineages and styles such as Ashtanga, Jiva Mukti, and Anusara, Sun Power classes are taught with a post-traditional perspective, inviting students to listen to their bodies, modify if needed and rest any time. 

Room Temperature Averages 90 degrees to promote detoxification through perspiration.


Grounding shapes and longer holds provide the stability and time your body needs to stretch deeply. Props are used throughout the practice for added comfort. Slow down and achieve mental, emotional, and physical relaxation.

Room Temperature: Avg 78° Non-Heated

Wall Yoga

This class incorporates the elements of Yoga Den’s classic Mind Body, bringing the whole operation to the wall. The wall is an under utilized prop that all students can benefit from. Being supported and grounded by the wall allows students to feel the alignment of each shape; thus, building confidence and awareness of the body. All the while drawing focus to breath as a tool to steady the mind.

Hot Flow Yin

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of heated, higher intensity yoga flows paired with deeper fascia work, this is the class for you!  30-35 minutes of energetic movement paired with equally charged playlists, then bringing it down to the mat for some yummy Yin stretches!  Room is heated up to 90 for the flow portion, then slowly cooled for Yin.