Yin Yoga

The practice of yoga is highly diverse, meaning there are many styles of yoga that you can partake in. Perhaps the most popular practice in yoga studios throughout the United States is Yang yoga, which is a category that encompasses fast-paced classes such as Vinyasa flow and power yoga. 

Yin yoga is not as well-known as these styles, as it focuses less on building muscles. Rather, it is a calmer and more meditative practice that focuses on building discomfort in the body and working through it. Yin yoga focuses on strengthening parts of the body that we don’t use often, as well as the mind. 

Keep reading to learn more about yin yoga and why you should consider starting your yin yoga journey in Jacksonville, FL

What Is Yin Yoga?

One of the largest differences between yin and yang yoga is the parts of the body that they focus on. Yang yoga focuses predominantly on muscle structure, while yin yoga focuses on toughening deep connective tissues such as the ligaments and joints.

Yin yoga draws from the principles of ancient Chinese and Taoist philosophies. These philosophies assume that the body is full of energy pathways, aka Qi, that we must periodically clean out. By doing yin yoga poses, we free our Qi of blockages and allow energy to flow freely throughout the body.


Characteristics of Yin Yoga Poses and Flow

  • * You should always do yin yoga slowly and methodically. You can hold a pose for anywhere between two to twenty minutes (though typically no longer than five). 
  • * Your primary goal during yin yoga should be meditation and focus. This meditation will help you handle the pain and discomfort that you will likely build while holding one pose.
  • * Avoid fidgeting or movement when holding a pose and find stillness. 
  • * Focus on the quality and length of your breath while practicing yin yoga. You should exhale for twice as long as you inhale, as well as expand your ribcage when inhaling and pull your navel area in while you exhale. 

Benefits of Yin Yoga Energy and Regular Practice

When practicing yin yoga regularly, you can experience mental and physical health benefits. 

Work with Connective Tissues and Circulation

Many wellness professionals neglect to explain the importance of connective tissues. When not properly stretched or used, connective tissues such as ligaments and fascia can become stiff and lead to unnecessary pain. Yin yoga can help stretch these tissues, leading to less pain and future problems. 

Less Anxiety

Yin yoga can significantly reduce anxiety levels through the constant use of meditation and focus as you practice. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which works by slowing your heart rate and calming your body. The use of constant meditation can help you reflect and learn ways to better control your emotions and anxiety. 

Better Flexibility

Improved flexibility can lower your risk for injury and improve your overall physical health. As you repetitively practice each yin yoga pose, you will notice that your body will gradually become more flexible. This flexibility stems from the stretching of the fascia for long periods without breaking a pose.

Judgement-Free Yin Yoga Classes in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to join a studio that focuses on health and positivity, check out Yoga Den Studios. We foster a judgment-free environment that will allow you to grow through your personal practice and the guidance of our expert yoga instructors. 

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