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Analee Oakleaf Yoga Den

Analee F. | 200 RYT

Analee Elizabeth is a Yoga instructor, Tarot reader, Spiritualist, and Reiki practitioner. She grew up in a small town in Iowa knowing that there was something bigger and better for her outside those boundaries. She decided to leave Iowa when she was 18 and ended up moving all over the west coast. From the beautiful mountains of Wyoming to the sunny shores of San Diego, she moved about looking for her place to grow roots. That is when she found Jacksonville, Florida. In 2016, while in San Diego, Yoga found Analee at a rock climbing gym. The combination of strength, mindfulness and self-care spoke to her soul and has continued to change and shift her. Read More

Ashlee Oakleaf Yoga Den

Ashlee J. | 200 RYT, MPT

My name is Ashlee Johnson and I’m excited and inspired to teach yoga. I am a licensed Physical therapist for 10+ years and I have now added being a certified yoga teacher under my belt. I am driven to educate, promote safety with alignment and inspire patrons to reach a maximum level of physical mobility and well being on their mat and in their life. My goal is to expose as many people as possible to yoga to develop a mind, body and soul connection.

Denise Oakleaf Yoga Den

Denise H. | 500 RYT

Denise has had a long career in nursing. Over the past six years, she has worked private duty in the home and understands the importance of physical and mindful activity.

Her chiropractor suggested she attended a yoga class with the intention of stretching and increasing her flexibility. After one class she was convinced that yoga could positively uplift her physically and mentally to strengthen her life in many areas. Read More

Harmony B Oakleaf Yoga Den

Harmony B. | 200 RYT

Harmony is originally from the remote foothills of South Carolina where she grew up in nature, spending her time in the woods hiking and playing. After Highschool she was a personal trainer for a few years before deciding to join the US Navy. While being stationed in Japan she was able to personally travel southeast Asia and she was introduced to the world of yoga and fell in love with the practice. Read More

James Oakleaf Yoga Den

James K. | 500 E-RYT, CPT

James grew up in Portland, Oregon.  He’s spent a significant portion of his life exploring remote mountain wilderness up and down the West coast of North America.  After moving to busy San Francisco, he searched for something to give him the peace and tranquility that exploring nature had given him throughout his life.  When he discovered yoga, he was hooked! Read More

Joy Oakleaf Yoga Den

Joy R. | 200 RYT

Joy is a seasoned fitness enthusiast with over 25 years of experience in gymnastics and yoga. Her deep-rooted passion for fitness has been a guiding force throughout her life, leading her to excel in both disciplines and inspiring others to embark on their own health and wellness journeys. Read More

Lexi Oakleaf Yoga Den

Lexi D. | 500 RYT

Lexi is from Virginia and has spent most of her life moving and exploring nature, between Florida and Alaska. She has been practicing yoga for around 10 years with a focus on vinyasa. Bhakti yoga ultimately showed her the spiritual and meditative benefits of yoga on the body and mind. Thus, leading her to completing the 200 hour Teacher Training with Yoga Den in July 2020.  Read More

Mary Oakleaf Yoga Den

Mary F. | 200 RYT

🩵 Hello my name is Mary :) 

I invite you to come drop into yourself. Yoga is the practice of coming back to yourself and cultivating your energy. I have a background in neuroscience and psychology and work to change behaviors through letting emotions move through the body. Read More

Patricia H. Oakleaf Yoga Den

Patricia H. | 200 RYT

Prior to the discovery of yoga in my life, I was (still am) an adventurous and athletic thrill seeker. I love to snowboard and ride bicycles! In the spring of 2017, I decided to try a yoga class at the YMCA. The experience was humbling, and I was enthusiastic for the challenge ahead. Read More