People practice yoga for a variety of reasons. Some love the peace it affords them. Others find the physical fitness and stability that can be achieved makes their lives so much better on a daily basis. While others look to yoga to address pains they have, be them physical, spiritual, or mental. The fact of the matter is that most people practice yoga for a combination of these reasons.

As we stare into our phones as a means to wake up, throughout the day, and then right before we sleep, the body and mind can find it difficult to cope with modern stimuli and its side-effects. We are excited to highlight some poses you can try in your independent yoga fitness sessions that will hopefully help you achieve a more restful and deep sleep. Yoga is an organic way to relax yourself and reduce muscle tension that has built up throughout the day. Both relaxation and the reduction of muscle tension contribute to getting a better night’s sleep. Read on if you are interested in achieving a better night’s sleep, whether you are someone who has never been to a yoga class in your life, or is a yoga instructor yourself!

Head-To-Knee Pose

Also known as Janu Sirsasana, the head-to-knee pose can help you get better sleep.

Legs Up The Wall

Known as Viparita Karani, this pose is one of our person favorites when it comes to relieving lower back pain and relaxing the mind. This pose, in particular, is ideal for home use, outside of yoga class. It will improve your circulation which has positive effects on every system in the body.

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Corpse Pose

Referred to as savasana, you’ve probably practiced corpse pose in a yoga course or class once or twice before. It feels amazing after an intense session, and can be a great way to calm your busy mind down from the day’s worries.


Child’s Pose

The fundamental resting pose found in many yoga courses today, balasana helps relax your mind and relieve tension.

Bound Angle Pose

Please note that if you find sitting in this pose is a bit too difficult or painful at all, you can skip the forward bend. Feel free to use a blanket or cushion which can help a tight body effectively open up.


A word of advice for those of you less familiar with yoga practice; go as deep as you need to in order to experience a gentle stretch. Don’t over-exert yourself.

By no means exhaustive, these soothing yoga poses are recommended for supplementary practice outside of your regular yoga classes. If you are able to incorporate these poses into your personal practice and achieve better sleep because of it, please share your story with us! We would love to hear from you. Serving Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Mandarin, Southside, Avondale, and World Golf Village, we at Yoga Den offer a wide variety of yoga related services. If you are looking for yoga teacher training or perhaps are ready to attend your first yoga class, get started today!