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Welcome to Yoga Den, meet some of our wonderful family members/studio owners!

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Yoga Den studio owners are more than just business partners; they are people that share the common goal of bringing good, safe yoga to the people, and are genuinely invested in continuing to develop and expand our culture and community. We are a mixture of either yoga teachers that had a desire to turn our side-hustle passion into our life’s work, or entrepreneurial spirits wanting to own a business that truly makes a difference by helping others, or both.

At Yoga Den, we value all aspects of the practice and know it begins the moment students walk in our doors, before they roll out the mat. Showing kindness and consideration starts with the first hello, and it is felt during class with our accessible teaching style. Each studio cultivates its own vibe and feel, and we realize that integral to the creation of any Yoga Den studio is understanding how both the location and its local demographic will influence subtleties in the studio design and class style offerings. Our unique, signature classes are foundational to every location’s growth opportunity, and with over 20 years of yoga studio business experience in multiple locations and cities, Yoga Den knows how to guide you every step of the way.

Founders Alyson and Chip Foreacre are growing their leadership team as well, having recently partnered with Stephen Joost, former partner of Firehouse Subs, and John and Leyda Cooksey, former co-owners of McCall Service. With this recent collaboration of strengths and energy, Yoga Den is planning to actively expand not only in Florida, but the Southeastern United States and Beyond.

Meet our awesome leadership team!

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Health and Wellness in the form of boutique fitness is on the rise in the franchise industry, and our team has the experience and know-how to help you get involved.

● Guidance and support with location selection and studio design
● Operations systems and training
● Initial and ongoing instructor training programs
● Access to continuous updates of class methodology
● Initial and ongoing marketing and management programs, training and support
● Design support for retail space and proven product lines
● Team and community building resources

Interested in starting your own Yoga Den franchise, and curious about what that looks like from a financial perspective? We’d love to have a chat, you may be surprised at the affordability of the entry-level.

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