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Patricia Hurd YD Southside

Patricia Hurd

Patricia began her journey on the path of yoga in March of 2017 at a YMCA and was immediately hooked. Having a very physical background she was intrigued with the physical aspect that the practice provides.  Racing mountain bikes, snowboarding and long distance running challenged Patricia; she was still searching for something. Later discovering that yoga reaches far beyond the physical layer. She did the Summer Immersion in July of 2017 and began teaching in October. Patricia is an avid yoga student and continually attends workshops throughout the country. She values her personal practice and rolls out the mat 6 days a week. She is an attentive teacher with clear direction and valuable information. She brings a bright energy to her classes and genuinely honors the students by creating a safe place for EVERYBODY to practice!

Andrew Paul Williams YD Southside

Andrew Paul Williams

ANDREW PAUL WILLIAMS, PH.D., E-RYT 500 has a Doctorate in Mass Communications from the University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications, an M.A. in English and a B.A. In Communication and English from the University of North Florida. He received his 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Training (RYT 500) at Yoga Den In Jacksonville, Florida. He also teaches all-levels classes at Yoga Den Mandarin, World Golf Village, Bayard, and Fleming Island. He is the author of The Space Between: Cultivating Mindfulness, Peace, and Empowerment In Your Life Through Meta-Awareness, Framing, and Yoga, Good Eats Jax: A Local’s Guide to the Best Independently-Owned Restaurants Along Florida’s First Coast and co-author of The Book of Empowerment. He is a media professional with extensive publishing and public relations experience. Read More

natalia yoga den san pablo

Natalia Haworth

Natalia was born and raised in Russia and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Yoga has been an important part of her life. It has helped her become more flexible and balanced, while inspiring her to live each moment more mindfully, both on and off the mat. After moving to the United States, Natalia decided to share her passion with other people and completed yoga teacher training in Multi style yoga (RYT 200 and RYT 300) and Restorative yoga. She especially enjoys practicing Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Sculpt, Chair and Restorative yoga with her students. Her classes emphasize the importance of breath and movement and focus on the breath to calm the mind while building physical strength and flexibility. Her classes are known to be both challenging and nurturing, leaving students feeling energized and renewed. She never stops learning new asanas and creating new sequences so she can better serve her students.


Amy Moore

Amy has had a love for yoga since she was a teenager but got serious with her practice after attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica in 2012. Six years later, she started her journey in teaching and received her certification. Amy considers sharing this ancient art with others a gift so that they may too experience the mental and physical benefits it has to offer. She combines her love of music with a hands-on approach to take your practice deeper; she hopes to improve your quality of life and reach your personal goals through the breath and movement of yoga. Amy can’t wait to share her passion for yoga with you!


Chand Shah

Chand turned to yoga in 2018 when she was trying to find balance in her life. She realized the important role yoga played in her mental health journey. She decided to pursue her love for yoga by completing Yoga Den’s 200hr yoga teacher training in 2020. She later started teaching at Yoga Den San Pablo in 2021. She left Jacksonville, FL for a year and half, during which she completed yoga videos for teenagers with knee pain. She also has been participating in yoga research for teenagers with scoliosis before and after surgery. Since her return back to Jacksonville, she is excited to be sharing her passion for yoga again!


Randi Rothermel

I am a 200 hour, certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Den and the Yoga Alliance; who is consistently expanding her  knowledge through workshops and personal growth. Yoga is more than just exercise. It’s a passion that empowers! Yoga reinforces physical health, reduces stress, and fosters a deep mind-body connection. Personally, Yoga has boosted my confidence, and introduced me to a welcoming, judgment free community. It’s not just a place I go; it’s an elemental part of who I am. Yoga teaches discipline through intuitive listening, making a daily commitment to self-discovery. I am wholeheartedly committed to supporting and inspiring others on their yoga journey. 


Mercedes Holland

Mercedes has been practicing yoga just over six years now. She turned to yoga after joining the Navy, realizing that the benefits to the body, mind, and soul were beyond compare. She found that she loved to flow, but she also loved the peace and mindfulness that yoga brought into her life off the mat. Mercedes has completed Yoga Den’s 200 hour teacher training and is dedicated to continuing her education. 
Off the mat, you can find Mercedes spending time with her family, enjoying nature, or reading. 

Mary Slaton

Mary Slaton is a Chopra certified meditation, health and Ayurveda instructor, Total Well-Being Coach, and 500 RYT yoga teacher.  She began as a licensed mental health counselor in 2001 and grew her practice over time to include multiple healing modalities.  She is passionate about reconnecting you to your natural state of joy, vitality, and love, as well as restoring your glow-both inner and outer.  


Corey Stokes

Corey Stokes began practicing yoga in 2017 with a Baptiste Focus which developed a strong Asana and
breath practice. Before moving to Jacksonville, Corey lived in the Cayman Islands where, in addition to
his yoga practice, he deepened his understanding of breathwork through SCUBA and Free diving. Upon
moving back to the US, he found the Yoga Den studios and the immersive teacher training and felt an
instant connection to the energy. Corey graduated in May 2023 with his 200 RYT and has been a
passionate student and teacher in Jacksonville since. As a father of two, he puts a great emphasis on the
importance of breath and being able to breathe deeply and slow down. However, his classes tend to be


Nicole Flowers

Nicole has been practicing yoga since 2007 and teaching since 2017. Her classes focus on alignment, safe techniques and the mind-body-breath connection. She is passionate about supporting her students in their yoga practice by offering modifications and utilizing props. Yoga can be for everybody in every stage of their lives. She completed her prenatal yoga teacher training while pregnant and it was such a blessing. She’s now a homeschooling mama of two kids and loves being outdoors…especially at the beach!

Mackenzie Jock

Mackenzie’s yoga journey started in 2017, when introduced to kundalini yoga, breath work, and reiki. In love with the connection between breath, body, and mind, she immersed herself in kundalini, and yoga work shops. Mackenzie became a certified massage therapist in 2020, further understanding her knowledge of the body- on a more structural and muscular level. She received her RYT 200 certification in July 2023. Mackenzie’s favorite classes to teach are yin, hot flow yin, and mind body. Focusing on linking breath with movement, providing a meditative aspect to her classes. Mackenzie strives for her class to be a place to practice slowing down, and mindfulness. Gentle classes are her favorite, due to back injuries and ailments. Not having as much mobility, and not always looking like a “picture perfect” pose, deepens her purpose to make class a place where every body feels comfortable and confident, regardless of experience or flexibility.

Nick Holterman

Hi, I’m Nick, and I’m thrilled to join the team at Yoga Den! I began my yoga journey in 2018 and was instantly captivated by its transformative power. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2020, I pursued teacher training in Vancouver, Washington, and started teaching yoga in September 2021.

I recently returned to my hometown of Jacksonville Beach and couldn’t be more excited to share my passion for yoga with our community. My teaching experience focuses on power yoga and the 26 and 2 series, but I’ve explored a wide range of yoga styles in my personal practice, including but not limited to Yin, Jivamukti, Hatha, Ashtanga, Acro, and Aerial. I truly appreciate the diverse benefits each style has to offer.

Join me in class, and together, we’ll create a supportive and empowering environment where you can grow and thrive on your yoga journey. I can’t wait to meet you!