Yoga Den Fleming Island Class Descriptions

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Mind Body

This practice is static in nature and provides ample time to explore a safe alignment and gain a deep stretch while maintaining an awareness of breath. Variations are offered for different levels of strength and flexibility, and permission language is given throughout.

Room Temperature: Non-Heated, Avg 78° 

Mindful Slow Flow

Similar to our Mind Body class, mindful slow-flow is a well-rounded practice that includes floor warm-ups, stretching, and standing postures including balancing postures. Movements are linked with breath in a flowing sequence and variations are offered for different levels of strength and flexibility.

Room Temperature: Non-Heated, Avg 78°

Mixed Level

This practice offers variations of differing levels of intensity, giving each individual the opportunity to customize the experience. A great choice for those looking for something with more movement than the mind body class but more restful than a typical power class.

Room Temperature: Warm (not hot), Avg 81° 

Sun Power

A high energy, high sweat practice with dynamic flows and held postures. An eclectic blend of traditional and post-traditional perspectives, where each teacher puts their own creative spin into sequencing and playlists. This class will stretch, strengthen and detox the entire body.

Room Temperature: Heated class, Avg 90°

Sun Power Flow

This class offers a dynamic flow practiced with mindful rhythm, encouraging students to focus on pranayama, breath control. As we coordinate breath and movement, and flow through sequences designed to stimulate both the physical and energy bodies, we begin to understand and appreciate the true meaning and benefit of vinyasa yoga!

Room Temperature: Heated class, avg 90°

Yin Yoga

​​A grounding, meditative practice designed to improve flexibility, energy flow and range of motion by targeting the connective tissues of the body. Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to any dynamic yoga practice and also benefits athletes of all types in terms of injury prevention. Over time, the practice of Yin Yoga can lengthen these tissues, increasing range of motion.

Postures are held for 2 to 5 minutes in order to release the fascia and connective tissues surrounding the muscles.

Room temperature: Non-Heated, Avg 78° 

Yin and Nidra

A grounding practice; shapes are held for 2 to 5 minutes in order to release the fascia and connective tissue surrounding targeted muscle groups.  A guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) completes the practice.

Room Temperature: Non-heated, avg. 78°

Hot Flow Yin

An energetic and mindful vinyasa flow to warm the body and build strength, followed by grounding shapes held for 2 to 5 minutes in order to release the fascia and connective tissue surrounding targeted muscle groups.

Room temperature: Heated, Avg 90° 

Yoga Sculpt

A Mixed Level class combining yoga and light weight-training to tone the full body. It is designed to help participants improve overall fitness and strength. While the sculpt practice focuses on toning and intensity, students will also enjoy the mental and emotional benefits the class has to offer. Modifications are provided in a safe and energizing environment.

Room Temperature: 78-80°