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Danielle Glover

danielle glover yoga den san pabloBorn and raised in the Philippines, Danielle started her yoga journey fairly recently. She was drawn to yoga because she wanted to gain strength and flexibility. But found that it has a profound effect on your mental health as well. With two kids and a busy lifestyle, yoga has taught her to slow down and breathe. Off the mat she enjoys baking, reading, hiking, and hanging out with her friends and family.

Sara Liverano

Sara discovered yoga in 2020, at a time in her life when she was feeling the pressures of the external world and wanted to seek guidance and healing from within. She dove in headfirst, soaking in as many teachings and styles as possible, and it wasn’t long before she began to feel major shifts mentally and emotionally. From mindful movement to the breath, Sara is always finding new ways to integrate yoga outside of the classroom, bringing intention into every aspect of her life.

Sara recently graduated from Yoga Den’s immersive teacher training and is excited to begin flowing with you! Off the mat she stays active, and you can usually find her in another yoga or pilates class, kayaking, spoiling her bunny Melvin, or roaming around the beaches with her husband.

Devin Shroll

Devin has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Originally from Oregon, she trained in technical dance from age 10 to 25 and pursued a career in dance in Los Angeles for 5 of those years. Since moving to Jax last year, she is focused on keeping the body safe in movement and staying active in a more sustainable way. Devin believes yoga combines all of the most important aspects of health; physical strength and flexibility, breath work, creativity, and spiritual and self awareness. Off the mat she loves to hang out at the beach, attend concerts, and travel anywhere in nature. Devin recently graduated from the Yoga Den teacher training immersion and is so excited to connect with everyone and share all that she has learned!!

Barbara Berardi

Barbara started practicing yoga 15 years ago and immediately fell in love with the mental and physical benefits it provided. The importance of exercise and movement has always been a big part of her life, and the yoga practice was a perfect compliment to her workout routine. She found her passion in yoga and wanted to share it with others.

In 2021, Barbara retired from a long mortgage career, and was able to pursue her goal of becoming a yoga teacher. She completed her 200 hour training and is now a certified yoga instructor, currently leading classes at various locations. Barbara leads students in multiple yoga styles including vinyasa, all levels mind/body and restorative/yin as well as senior groups in a modified vinyasa flow and chair assisted yoga. She especially enjoys and believes in the power of pranayama and all the value it provides to us.

Barbara is so happy and grateful to be able to share the numerous benefits of yoga with others.

When off the mat, Barbara enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt. They love traveling and being active together, as well as quiet downtime at the pool or beach. They have a cat, Thurman, that they love to spoil.

Peyton Reinheimer

Peyton has been doing yoga for over 10 years and has fallen in love with it. Having two kiddos at home and a busy life style, yoga has taught her to slow down and breathe, and reconnect with her body. Rather than going through the motions of the day without recognizing how much her mind and body need the attention yoga brings to it. She recognizes the key to yoga is remembering it is a moving meditation, breath always comes first and asana comes second. When her mind made this switch, her body and mind have never been happier. She truly believes movement and breath are the ultimate medicines. Peyton is currently in the process of her doula training and hopes to eventually focus in on prenatal yoga and connecting with all her yogi mamas out there.

Jennifer Brust

Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over thirty years. The time she has spent on her mat has taught her many lessons that she practices in her daily life… from the importance of breath to training the mind to be in the present moment. Jennifer has completed Yoga Den’s 200 hour teacher training program and has been lead into the wonderful world of yoga instruction. As a Reiki Master, she is well versed in energetic work and the connection of the mind and body. Jennifer lives to share her experience and knowledge of our yoga universe and enjoys the love and support at Yoga Den San Pablo.

Alexandra Blackwell

Alexandra is a healer by nature. She loves inspiring others to prioritize themselves and follow their hearts. She is a RYT-200, certified through Yoga Den with a practice that dates back to quarantine times. Alexandra found her yoga practice when she needed it most, getting herself through some very challenging obstacles. She became a yoga instructor to share yoga’s healing powers with others, in hopes to get them through difficulties as well.

Alexandra is also an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer. Her fascination with the human body brings anatomical expertise to her classes. In fact, she is now in pursuit of a career in physical therapy. She also has a background in dance and theatre.

She is so blessed to be sharing this beautiful practice with the yogis of Yoga Den San Pablo. Om Shanti.

Amy Moore

Amy has had a love for yoga since she was a teenager but got serious with her practice after attending a yoga retreat in Costa Rica in 2012. Six years later, she started her journey in teaching and received her certification. Amy considers sharing this ancient art with others a gift so that they may too experience the mental and physical benefits it has to offer. She combines her love of music with a hands-on approach to take your practice deeper; she hopes to improve your quality of life and reach your personal goals through the breath and movement of yoga. Amy can’t wait to share her passion for yoga with you!

Danielle Martin

Dani Martin is a RYT 500 and certified sound healer aka Sound Blossom. Her yoga journey began two decades ago and grew as she traveled the world as a military wife and mother. She celebrates the connection between science and spirituality, music, and art as she studied throughout her life.

In her yin, restorative, and sound meditation sessions, she weaves in the knowledge and experience to help students feel more grounded, self-confident and empowered through becoming more self aware.

When off of her mat, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two creative kids. She has a passion for art and music and can often be found attending live concerts, singing, or jamming on an array of instruments.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” — Zen Shin

Haley Dulebohn

Haley is a Delaware native but moved to the beaches back in 2014. She is currently studying Marketing at UNF and completed her 200 hour RYT through Yoga Den! Haley was involved in competitive swimming for ten years and found yoga to be a great tool in creating a healthy balanced lifestyle. Haley has been practicing yoga as long as she can remember, and loves to flow! Off the mat you can find Haley rollerblading around the beaches or reading.

Tony Hanneken

Tony has been in the wellness industry for over 24 years. He has a unique blend of knowledge and experience as a Certified Yoga Instructor (200hr), Certified Health Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist that he incorporates into his personal yoga practice and when teaching yoga. Tony enjoys running on roads and trails and believes that yoga, meditation, running, and other mindfulness practices can have such a positive impact on every aspect of life. This is why he is so passionate about sharing his experience with others. Teaching yoga gives him the opportunity to “share the message” of a peaceful existence. He Has been teaching classes at for Yoga Den San Pablo for over 2 years.
All these experiences have had such a positive impact for Tony, and he finds it rewarding to help other people find their own mindful journey. His wish is that yoga will be as life changing for others as it has been for him.

Jonathan Griggs

Jonathan’s yoga journey began in 2018 at Yoga Den San Pablo. He completed Yoga Den’s RYS Fall Immersion in 2019, is a certified 200RYT, and Yoga Alliance member. Yin, Mindbody, and Bhakti are amongst his favorite yoga classes as a student and teacher. He recognizes that devoted
focus on breath, clear communication of dynamic postures, and well-timed music can contribute to meditative states of flow. Jonathan promotes habits of wellness, kindness, compassion, gratitude, and equanimity via an eight-limb discipline. Jonathan is inspired by many mentors, advocates, instructors, promoters, healers, peers, loving family, TEDx, and creative endeavors, including Alyson Foreacre, Emilie Johnson, Khristi Keefe, Brooke Anderson, Heather Fisse, Michael Johnson, Jerian, Mo, Faten, Ashley, Lisa, Nancy, Sarah, Eric, Baayla, Erica, Kim, Don, Kane, Chris, Angela, Dani’s, and FSCJ.

Chand Shah

Chand turned to yoga in 2018 when she was trying to find balance in her life. She realized the important role yoga played in her mental health journey. She decided to pursue her love for yoga by completing Yoga Den’s 200hr yoga teacher training in 2020. She later started teaching at Yoga Den San Pablo in 2021. She left Jacksonville, FL for a year and half, during which she completed yoga videos for teenagers with knee pain. She also has been participating in yoga research for teenagers with scoliosis before and after surgery. Since her return back to Jacksonville, she is excited to be sharing her passion for yoga again!
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